Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Grandbabies are the most wonderful little people.

I love being a mother and have soaked up so much goodness, joy and love from my babies.  It was and is such a privilege.

And so is being a grandma.

A few days ago, laying out in the yard on a blanket with my grands and playing games with them made my heart so full it hurt.
 My little granddaughter looked up at me with smiling eyes and for a second I felt I was looking into my eldest daughter's smiling eyes when she was four.   (Her mama) 

Moments like that make you want to laugh and cry and pray all at the same time.
They're simply too wonderful for words.

Memories made with grandbabies are precious.

 Experiencing the great outdoors through their new eyes....

Content copyright © 2015 by Jessa at Graceful Landing

 Playing with 'Wincoln Wogs'...
 Quiet mornings and late breakfasts with little guests...

Photogenic sweeties....

 Their own style of organization....
 Watching football with Papa

Bored by the concept of 'selfies'...

 Kissable, adorable babies!

 Summer days and popcicles.....

Content copyright © 2015 by Jessa at Graceful Landing

We are so blessed!

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