Thursday, June 5, 2014

Strange Malady

Watch out for this highly contagious illness:
It begins with this look.

It seems to hit preteen girls pretty severely and can suddenly appear
when you try to take her photo.
Or say something humorous that apparently wasn't.
Or even if you ask her to clean her room or pick up her sweaty soccer socks.

There are other signs to watch for:
Complete avoidance or fear of cameras, and singular attention of any kind.

Feeling the need to hide behind large objects.  Classic symptom.

Boys are not immune, but are less likely to contract it with such severity.

Unfortunately, being in close proximity to her horse, he is showing concerning signs of cross-contagion between humans and equine-and it's starting with the look. 
Thanfully, I'm familiar with this strange malady, having two older daughters- one who is completely cured and the other nearing the end stages and showing positive signs of recovery.
The cure?
Time and maturation.
Warning: this is not a 24 hour illness.
Be prepared.

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