Friday, June 14, 2013

For the Love of Dad

They say any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad.
 I agree.
 The Man of the House became a father at the young age of 18.  Still a kid, really.
He could have done any number of things- running away or shirking his responsibilities was an option.  Many have done it.    None of his friends would have blamed him, I'm sure.

He was scared.  He didn't know exactly what a dad should do- and had no one to give him a crash course in fatherhood.

I know this....because I was his wife-and I was just as scared.

I can say that it hasn't always been easy- and sometimes it was VERY hard.  Adjusting your life and future plans for major growth in a short period of time is always painful.
But the rewards were beautiful.

Over the past 24 years, I've watched that 18 year old young man grow, falter at times, change-- pull himself up by his bootstraps and carry on.  Over and over again.  Each era of growth making him a better man, a more caring human being.

I know that at times I have been hard on him.  I had high expectations and I didn't believe in doing parenthood and family life half-way.  Our children inspired us to be better than we were- pushed us on when times were tough and carried us through on sheer joy, family fun and love.

We created a family together.  We've shared hardships and laughter, disappointment and awe.  Our family binds us together unlike anything else in this world.

He is not perfect, my Man of the House, but neither am I.   He's better than perfect in many ways, still learning in others.  (Aren't we all?)  The fact that he is still willing to learn- still striving to be a good husband and father after 24 years is, to me, proof of his devotion and love.

Every single day he demonstrates his love for me and every day, not just this one day in June, I'm grateful for him and the children that have blessed our family.

Looking out my window at this very moment, I see him standing in the evening sunshine, joking around with our youngest daughters as they sit on the horses.  Those girls (and all of our children) know that their dad loves them  deeply.  I know that when my husband shows love and kindness to our children, it means just as much to me as when he's showing love and kindness to me personally.

It's true that any man can be a father- and it's also true that it takes a special man to be a dad.
I can honestly say to my children that I love their dad!

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