Saturday, January 5, 2013

On Setting Goals

A new year is upon us and the usual thing to do is set goals to improve your life.
If, this year, you're finding it a little more difficult, I encourage you to read the following article by Jenny Penton  from Planner Perfect. I couldn't have written it better!

When You Don't Feel Like Setting Goals

Here's an excerpt:

.....But what if you don't feel like setting goals; if your season in life has you, well, less than inspired? When those happy goal-setter people almost make you mad!

There is no doubt that in order to live by your dreams and goals, you need to be inspired; to dream. 

I have been in these kinds of seasons. Whether pregnancy sickness, hard relationship issues, health issues with our loved ones, or just a time where I'm off, I don't feel like being a dreamer, writing and scripting my dreams and goals. 

Let's face it. We need to be inspired, feeling good; happy.

I'm here to encourage you to understand it is a season; and to keep it a season. Your goals in this time should be to allow yourself to feel this way and then move into scripting your steps to move forward into the land of goal-setting and dreaming again. 

God can use this time for us to show us we need him. It's these times when I've learned the most for allowing myself to completely depend on God and the importance for forever surrendering to Him; giving up my control. To never depend on my natural-self again..... 

May this new year be one filled with Hope, Faith and Charity towards all.

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