Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another great home education site to check out

I love homeschooling sites.  

In my early years of home education, I did not even own a computer- and now the  amount of internet resources at my fingertips is unreal!  
I have great admiration for the pioneers in this movement, who did it all without the ease of modern technology. 
I also have huge respect for those who take the time to share their successes, inspired ideas and unique notions  online.
Every now and then I find a great homeschooling site of which I was not aware.
  Often times, someone sends me an article and I follow it back to its source, only to find a treasure trove of others.
I love it!  Although I've been immersed in home education for 12 years, I am regularly inspired by other mothers and the doings of their families.   In my opinion, women / mothers are one of the greatest resources in the world.

So for those of you who would like to check out another great home education site,
go here.

Latter-day Homeschooling

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