Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break & Family

For Spring Break, we decided to get out of Dodge and head towards lots of family and friends.  
In other words, out of state.

It's so nice to be welcomed by those who know you well.

Kinda like the 'Cheers' theme song: "Where everybody knows your name....and they're always glad you came....."

It's fun to watch the groups form, listen to the conversations.

Wonderful to see the faces of so many you love!

Faces like these:

To explore the personalities of little nieces and nephews. 
To see their goofy sides as well as their dramatic ones.

To watch cousins instantly connect- as if they'd never been parted.

They may not be perfect, and neither are we,  but family is where it's at.

If you live close enough, go give yours a hug!   I highly recommend it.  :o)

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