Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amarillo, Texas!

A few weeks ago, we headed to Texas for a funeral.
It was a trip full of emotion for all of us.
Lots of memories, lots of tears and laughter with extended family.
A very worthwhile, memorable trip.

And we did A LOT of driving.  Texas is one big state!
We went down the west side and came back up the middle, more or less.
After a quick jaunt into Oklahoma, we headed for Amarillo.  
It was a foggy, misty afternoon that turned into a foggy, misty evening.
We were exhausted as we pulled into Amarillo and got a hotel room.

As The Man of the House got us a room or two we waited, worn out, in the van.

Then we looked over and saw this:

The kids and I did a double-take.  And looked closer:

When The Man of the House got back to us, we began talking over one another, explaining what we saw and gasping at the possibility that the advertising might just be true! 

You see, not one of us had ever ridden in a limo.

So we quickly brought in our luggage:

Called and requested the limo, and  cleaned up before it arrived. 
Longhorns and all!

The kids were thrilled.....and so was I.   So I took lots of pictures, like a touristy-fool. 

And then we arrived:

Can I just say- if you want to experience a TEXAS restaurant, with a BIG TEXAN need to go here!



There is so much to see and do- we wandered around with big grins plastered on our touristy faces; soaking up the Texas culture.  Okay, maybe it's not true Texas culture.  But I wouldn't know.  So I soaked it up.

You could spend hours in there, quite entertained....without even eating your meal!






We first heard about this restaurant on Man v. Food- a favorite TV show of ours on the Travel Channel.
And this is why it was featured:

Adam Richman tried to eat this.
And this is an ongoing contest.

While we were there in fact, they had just finished taping a German TV show similar to
Man v. Food.

And, we got to watch a gentleman tackle this meal, courageously hoping to win.  But he failed.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed the atmosphere; which was loud, family-oriented and fun.

The kids got their drinks served in cowboy boots

Also, free cowboy hats.

And The Man of the House ordered Rocky Mtn. Oysters.....or Calf Fries.

Which, after watching the film, 'Funny Farm' with Chevy Chase, I swore I'd never touch.
Because they portrayed them quite differently in the movie.
(By the way, I LOVE that movie!)

But these came looking rather ordinary.

And the kids liked them.

So I agreed to give 'em a try.


And they were good!  

Then the food came and we got busy.  Lots of down-home food.

While I was absorbing the atmosphere and enjoying myself to the hilt;
we were serenaded at our table by the strolling musicians.
After asking us a few questions, they began to play John Denver's 'Rocky Mountain High'.  
And I almost cried. 
I love John Denver's music- it speaks to me.

Afterward, we hailed our limo and headed back to the hotel.  
The girls really enjoyed the hotel experience...not to mention the pool and spa.

Can you say 'The Suite Life' ?

As we drove away the next morning, we captured another picture of The Big Texan.  And said a fond "farewell" to Amarillo.... 

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